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Parent Support

GSC Parent Event Calendar

Calendar with events for parents & caregivers in Kalamazoo County, such as Parent Cafes and Parent Coalition Meetings.

Contact: Ashley Drenth, 269.250.9665 or

Parent Literacy Together at Kalamazoo Literacy Council

Multi-Generational Learning program that helps parents become more engaged in their children’s learning.

Contact: Taylor Sayers, 269.447.1158 or

Michigan Alliance for Families

Information, support, and education for families who have children and young adults who receive (or may be eligible to receive) special education services.

Contact: Bethann Robbins 269.365.5626 or

ASK Parent Support Partners

Empowering families who are raising children with developmental, mood, behavioral, or emotional challenges.

Contact: 269.343.5896

Michigan Parenting Resources

Online program meant to support caregivers across the state of Michigan in strengthening their parent-child relationships and gaining new tools for enhancing positive child behaviors.

El Concilio

Non-profit, community-focused organization that seeks to help Latino residents support their families, contribute to society, and appreciate their cultural significance in the region.

Contact: 269.385.6279


Healing arts and birth work programs that are diverse, inclusive, anti-racist and trauma informed, including: yoga, drumming, dancing, meditation and Red Birth Green programs.

Contact: 269.720.9200

Fatherhood Network

Support group for fathers, aimed at strengthening family relationships before, during, and after the child rearing process.


Program that supports fathers and promotes health families in the community.

Contact: 269.373.5236 or

Kalamazoo County Native-American Family Support Group

Assist Kalamazoo County Native-American families by providing information on Kalamazoo County playgroups, social events, support, books and a safe place to ask questions and assess needs of families.

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