Trusted Messengers

Families rely on you for support, information and guidance. You are in a unique position to share these messages and model specific activities. Let parents know about the power of their words and interactions with their children. Your encouragement will go a long way!


Talking to Families

Here are some messages and tips to guide your discussions, along with any examples you can share from your own experiences:

  • Acknowledge families’ strengths. Explore and recognize what families already do to support their child’s development. Help families find activities that work best for them and their child.

  • Encourage engagement. Engagement is essential to promoting brain development and helps children feel safe and loved, even before they can talk!

  • Engagement is physical affection – holding and snuggling with a child during reading time.

  • It’s loving and responsive communication – responding to babies’ coos and asking toddlers open-ended questions.

    • It’s giving attention – making eye contact while singing to a baby or dancing with a toddler. When families engage with their children, they are building skills that will last a lifetime.

    • Small moments matter. Let families know that every opportunity to talk, read and sing with children is an opportunity to help them grow.

    • You can do it while changing a diaper, giving a bath, or during mealtime. Every small moment together matters!


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